Tibetan Sitting Mat

Cira 1925, Tibetan Snow Lion surrounded by concentric squares from Chinese silk design. One of a pair. Size:36 by 38 inches. POR

Tibetan Khaden

Khaden (Sitting and Sleeping rug), c.1925, central field of rondels with phoenixes. Size: about 33 by 66 inches. POR

Tibetan Khaden

Tibetan khaden (sitting and sleeping rug), c.1925, Chinese design. Size:abt 36 by 72 inches. POR

Uzbek torba fragment

Baluch rug, 19thC

Size: 34 by 58 inches, POR

Bag face, possibly Luri

Small bag, possibly Gash’gai

Jaff Kurd Bagface, 19thC.

Sixe:26 by 40 inches, POR

Salt Bag,possibly Luri,19th C.

Baluch rug,19thC.

Size:35 by 52 inches, POR

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